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   Cart3D v1.5                                                                          (click here for v1.4)

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                  "Images" for more examplesCart3D is a high-fidelity inviscid analysis package for conceptual and preliminary aerodynamic design. It allows users to perform automated CFD analysis on complex geometry and supports steady and time-depedent simulations. The package features fully-integrated adjoint-driven mesh adaptation and also includes utilities for geometry import, surface modeling and intersection, mesh generation, and post-processing of results. The main flow solvers run in parallel using either shared memory (OpenMP) or distributed memory (MPI) with excellent scalability. The package is highly automated so that geometry acquisition, and mesh generation can usually be performed within a few minutes on most current desktop computers.

Geometry enters into Cart3D in the form of surface triangulations. These may be generated from within a CAD packages, from legacy surface triangulations or from structured surface grids. Cart3D uses adaptively refined Cartesian grids to discretize the space around a geometry and  cuts the geometry out of the set of "cut-cells" which actually intersect the surface triangulation. Meshes automatically refine as simulations evolve to reduce error in aerodynamic outputs. Flow solvers run in parallel and to take full advantage of multi-core and multi-cpu hardware.

The current release of Cart3D is v1.5, (the v1.4 webdocs are here). Version v1.5 has several major upgrades including support for unsteady flow simulation, enhanced tools for flows with power boundary conditions, buoyancy-driven atmospheric flows and the ability to track error in multiple aerodynamic and off-body functionals. Cart3D's integrated adjoint-driven error-estimation and mesh refinement module has also been streamlined with a new auto-growth feature and other enhancements.  For more highlights, see the release announcement in the Cart3D Discussion Group.

   What Platforms are Supported?

Currently supported platforms include Linux (X86_64, 2.6.32 or newer) and Mac OS-X (10.9 & 10.10). For information on other platforms, contact us.

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