Resume and Vita

NASA Ames Research Center
MS T27-A
Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000


  1. (1982-2003) Research scientist at NASA Ames Research Center (Advanced Supercomputing Division). Group lead for exploratory computing environments group. Co-PI on the hyperwall project. Co-founder of the NASA Ames computational molecular nanotechnology group. Areas of expertise are: quantum mechanics, computational chemistry, computational physics, scientific visualization, parallel numerical algorithms, real-time graphics, mathematics, and computer science.

  2. (1978-1982) BS with honors in Computer Science. Washington University, St. Louis.


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  2. "Fullerene Nanotechnology" presented at: The 1997 Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology

  3. "Structure, reactivity, and bond-order of the reconstructed diamond (100) surface visualized by means of the Laplacian of the electronic charge density" presented at: The 1997 Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology

  4. "Bohm's quantum potential and the visualization of molecular structure" presented at: Causality and Locality in Modern Physics and Astronomy: A Symposium to Honour Jean-Pierre Vigier

  5. "A New Pictorial Approach to Molecular Structure and Reactivity." presented at the Symposium On the Occasion of the Sixty-fifth Birthday of Richard F.W. Bader

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  1. (1991) Video piece The Virtual Windtunnel was accepted and shown at SIGGRAPH 1991 Electronic Theater.

  2. (1994) The Virtual Windtunnel video was included into Best of the Siggraph Electronic Theater 1980-1994 tape. One of only three scientific documentary pieces selected.

  3. (1991) ``Best Paper'' award at IEEE Visulization '91 Conference, San Diego, CA.

  4. (1989) American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (San Francisco Bay Area Chapter): Engineer of the Year Award.

  5. (1986) NASA Group Achievent Award, for work on Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation Project.

  6. (1984) NASA Sustained Superior Performance Award: ``... You have exceeded the standards set for your position... Outstanding work.''

  7. (1992) Invited and served on NASA Intercenter committee on virtual environments research. Responsible for summary report.

  8. (1991) Invited and served on NASA HPCC (High Performance Computing and Communication) grant proposal review panel for space and planetary sciences.

  9. (1990-91) Invited and served twice on NSF grant proposal review panels for HPCC grants at NSF headquarters in Washinton DC. Grants were for two to four million dollars each.

  10. (1989-1998) Reviewer for NSF and NASA research grant proposals, SIGGRAPH 92-94, IEEE computer and IEEE computer graphics and applications.

  11. (1998) Ames spotlight award for "visualization of the chemical bond"

  12. (1997) Co-receipient of the 1997 Feynman Prize in nanotechnology.


  1. Designed and Implemented (with Dennis Jespersen) cm3d, a general purpose multi-zone three dimensional factored implicit Navier-Stokes solver for the connection machine cm2 and cm5.

  2. Designed and Implemented (with Dennis Jespersen) a version of ARC2D in *lisp for the CM2. It supported explicit, scalar implicit, and block implicit options. It was the first implicit CFD code on the CM2.

  3. Co-designer and Co-implementator (with Steve Bryson) of the Virtual Windtunnel software. This includes software for both steady and unsteady three dimensional flows.

  4. Designed and implemented software for George Coates Performance Works Multi-media theater presentation Invisible Site and The Desert Music.

  5. Designed and implemented CPT, a program for the interactive analysis of two-dimensional unsteady flows. It produces, in real time, animations of streaklines, streamlines, particle paths, countour plots, dye advection, and flow topology.

  6. Designed and Implemented Flow Topology visulalization module for FAST. (with Al Globus and Tom Lasinski).

  7. Designed and Implemented 3D unsteady flow visualization software for the CM2. This software can render unsteady streaklines and streaksurfaces colored by a variety of functions. Videotapes shown at several meetings.

  8. Designed and Implemented (with Dennis Jespersen) a 3D compressible Navier-Stokes code for the CM2. It supports explicit and scalar implicit, options. It was (to my knowledge) the first 3D implicit CFD code on the CM2.

  9. Designed, implemented, and tested a new parallel algorithm for the parallel solution of pentadiagonal systems.

  10. Designed and implemented CPLANE, the first truly interactive flow visualization software at NASA Ames. It was the impetus for the Panel Library, and was the forerunner of many programs, including FAST.

  11. Designed and implemented EPLANE (with Eric Raible), a program for the exploration and automatic topological analysis of two dimensional continuous dynamical systems.

  12. Designed and implemeted ESPACE, a program for the exploration and automatic topological analysis of three dimensional continuous dynamical systems.

  13. Participated in the design of the panel library, panel editor, and FAST cfd calculator module.

  14. Implemented real-time 2D scalar wave equation code on the CM2 (for fun). Images from this program were included on the thinking machines ``Best of Visualization'' tape. Videotapes generated by this program are distributed by the NASA Ames teachers resource center.


  • general science, neuroscience, information theory, Bikram yoga,...

  • (1993-1995) Co-founder of The Raster Masters, a live computer graphics performance ensemble. Performed professionaly, by invitation for: Industrial Light and Magic, SIGGRAPH 1993-94, TED5 & TED6 conferences, Silicon Graphics, HSC, Herbie Hancock, and many others. Featured on BBC, WIRED magazine. Designed and Implemented (with David Tristram) software for our real-time computer graphics live performance ensemble The Raster Masters. Essentially all advanced features of the SGI Onyz RE2 graphics hardware are simultaneously exploited in this custion software, whose pupose is real-time performance of visual music.

  • (1994-1999) Video/Audio engineering, systems engineering, programming, and web-mastering for Sound Photosynthesis, Mill Valley, CA. a unique audiovisual archive of intellectual culture.

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