Many modules in this software package have been developed under the
DOD HPC modernization program's CHSSI CFD-4 initiative. As a result,
the following rules must be observed by users of the software:

(1) Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents belonging to a U.S.
    organization are allowed access to the software. Foreign nationals
    are not permitted to use the software for any reason.

(2) U.S. citizens or permanent residents who would like to use the
    software must sign a Software Usage Agreement (SUA) form. In the past,
    a group leader/branch chief can sign for the group. The current
    rules require a signature from everyone who has access to the
    software indicating that they understand the restrictions imposed
    on the software (see items 3 and 4).

(3) Source code must reside on secure facilities (password protection at a
    minimum), and be readable only by individuals that have fully executed
    a Software Usage Agreement form.

(4) The software is not allowed to leave the organization to which
    permission for its usage has been granted by NASA. No individual or
    organization is allowed to disseminate the software to anyone
    without NASA's consent.