The INS2D code solves the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in two-dimensional generalized coordinates for both steady-state and time varying flow. The equations are formulated into a hyperbolic set of PDE using the method of artificial compressibility. The convective terms are differenced using an upwind biased flux-difference splitting. The equations are solved using an implicit line-relaxation scheme. The code is written for single or multiple-zone calculations. It can utilize either pointwise continious zonal interfaces, or random overlapped zonal interfaces if a PEGSUS interpolation database is supplied. The flow solver contains pre-coded boundary conditions for slip and noslip walls, symmetry planes, inflow and outflow boundaries, and far-field boundaries.

The INS2D code is written in Fortran 77, with some extensions and several routines which are written in C. The source code comes ready to compile and run on either a Cray computer or a Silicon Graphics workstation.

INS2D User's Manual

Obtaining the software

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