PEGASUS 5 is a code which performs a pre-processing step for the Overset CFD method. The code prepares the overset volume grids for the flow solver by computing the domain connectivity database, and blanking out grid points which are contained inside a solid body.

PEGASUS 5 is the latest version of the PEGASUS series of mesh interpolation codes. The main purpose for the development of this latest version was to significantly decrease the number of user inputs required and to allow for easier operation of the code. The result is a process which is automatic for many flow analysis problems. All that is required from the user for most cases is an OVERFLOW input file and the volume grids. Some cases will require some additional input from the user.

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Features of the PEGASUS 5 code

PEGASUS Examples

Generic Business Jet

  • Green grid lines: fuselage grid

  • Cyan grid lines: boxbody grid

  • Red symbols: points receiving data from body

  • Black symbols: points receiving data from boxbody

  • Blue symbols: points receiving data from boxouter

    NOTE: the input file specifies a global value of OFFSET=1 which results in good holes for all of the box grids.

Ball inside a duct

  • Red grid lines: hole in sphere grid cut by $HCUT NAME=duct_walls

  • Green grid lines: hole in duct grid cut by $HCUT NAME=sphere_wall

    Top view looking down on grid plane in the center-plane of the sphere

  • Green symbols: sphere-grid points receiving data from duct

  • Magenta symbols: duct-grid points receiving data from sphere