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Timothy A. Sandstrom

[Blute & buddha]

(a.k.a. Blute, Storm, Hay Yew...)

My 2015 visualization highlights.

Some 'modern' vis I've done using mostly self-written code but with some Embree, and now OSPRay.

disclaimer: the rest of this page is *very* old, links broken, etc, will fix!

My name is Tim, and this is my page where you'll find some examples of the work I've done and continue to do for NASA. My interests are in the areas of: Graphics, Math/Geometry, Scientific Visualization, Earth science, Astronomy/Space, Photography, Geology, Music, Blues Guitar, and Photography.

btw - I was almost famous once by standing in front of the hyperwall.
['Window on the Universe' image by great Natl-G photgrapher Joe McNally...]

NASA links

Mars Links


The hyperwall, presented at CMV2003.

Collaborative Expeditions through Remote Scientific Data via the Internet, presented at SSGRR 2001.

Here's a bit about Gel, a pretty good visualization toolkit:

Some Cool NASA and science sites!

Other Stuff:

VRML, WindowsNT FAQ's, ISO-9000, FAST , elVis, and others...

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