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Timothy A. Sandstrom

[Blute & buddha]

(a.k.a. Blute, Storm, Hay Yew...)

My name is Tim, and this is my page where you'll find some examples of the work I've done and continue to do for NASA. BTW: you can call me Blute, though my best friends call me Storm. My interests are in the areas of: Graphics, Math/Geometry, Scientific Visualization, Earth science, Astronomy/Space, Photography, Geology, Music, Blues Guitar, and Photography.

btw - I was almost famous once by standing in front of the hyperwall
['Window on the Universe' image by great Natl-G photgrapher Joe McNally...]

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Mars Links


The hyperwall, to be presented at CMV2003.

Collaborative Expeditions through Remote Scientific Data via the Internet, presented at SSGRR 2001.

Here's a bit about Gel, a pretty good visualization toolkit:

Some Cool NASA and science sites!

Other Stuff:

VRML, WindowsNT FAQ's, ISO-9000, FAST , elVis, and others...

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