Geometry Manipulation Protocol

The Geometry Manipulation Protocol (GMP) is a library which serializes datatypes between XML and ANSI C data structures to support CFD applications. This library currently provides a description of geometric configurations, general moving-body scenarios (prescribed and/or 6-DOF), and control surface settings. A detailed description is available in AIAA Paper 2003-1237.

GMP can be downloaded from the NASA Ames Open Source website.

GMP provides a common structure and description for developing CFD applications, from pre- through post-processing, and greatly enhances the ability to automate the CFD solution process. The same input files can be used across applications, and among different code suites which support the protocol. GMP is currently used in the OVERFLOW, OVERGRID, Cart3D, and HPC Institute for Advanced Rotorcraft Modeling and Simulation (HI-ARMS) packages.


Here are the Document Type Definition (DTD) files for the current release of GMP:

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